The laboratory was created by the order of the rector of Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University named after R.E. Alekseeva in 2012.

The laboratory conducts research in the following areas:
- modeling of generation and propagation of tsunami waves in the ocean;
- studies of extreme wave regimes in various classes of ocean waves (in particular, the so-called freak waves);
- development of multi-purpose analytical software packages for modeling wave processes in bounded (lakes, reservoirs, bays, bays) and open marine areas;
- calculation of the spread of contaminants, impurities and bottom sediments in natural reservoirs;
- analysis of the dynamic effects in the propagation of waves and evaluation of their impact on hydraulic facilities in the coastal zone;
- laboratory modeling of wave processes;
- development and extension of the basis of hydrodynamic problems for verification of software products at various complexity levels, which implement models of hydrodynamics equations;
- development of an autonomous mobile robotic systems of surface ground and surface water based for environment monitoring of the coastal zone of the ocean;
- development of a set of scientific and technical solutions for the creation of hydroelectric power stations.
The high qualification and professional level of the Laboratory staff is confirmed by active participation in educational activities, a large number of publications in high-ranking journals, experience in research projects, received awards, membership in scientific communities and editorial boards of leading scientific journals.