IGWAtlas - online project, is a web application for working with the database of observations of internal waves.

It contains information on observations of internal waves (based on data obtained by remote sensing and direct contact measurements) in various water areas of the world ocean, as well as in inland water bodies (lakes, reservoirs).The initial portion of downloaded data is derived from the Atlas of Oceanic Soliton Internal Waves [Jackson, 2004], containing a textual description with graphic illustrations of over 300 examples for 54 different regions of the world ocean.

Further, the database is supplemented by information contained in scientific articles published in leading Russian and foreign refereed scientific journals. Now the catalog presents data on observations from 1950 to 2019. All sources coming to us are checked for the presence of internal waves, and as the amount of material is accumulated, the database is updated.

The scope of the database is geoinformation systems, statistical analysis, knowledge bases, web services for ocean research problems.


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