Internal gravitational waves (IGW) are waves that arise in a stratified fluid under the action of gravity. They exist in the ocean due to its stratification in temperature, salinity and flow.

The topicality of the IGW investigation is due to their influence on the motion of underwater vehicles, the propagation of acoustic signals, soil erosion under oil and gas platforms, participation in the spread of impurities and contaminants. By now, a number of universally recognized models in the scientific community have been formed to describe IGW. However, their application is complicated by the lack of a single environment for modeling, various ways of visualization and manipulation of data. So far, the models for describing IGW have been disjointed, implemented for special cases (geographically and physically), in different programming languages, only locally available. Also, these models are quite complex and their use requires complicated preliminary preparation of input data.

The software package includes the implementation of several numerical models (the Gardner equation, the refractive ray model), the graphical user interface, a number of visualizers of maps and graphs, as well as various tools for viewing and analyzing source data areas and modeling results. International atlases of temperature and salinity were used as data sources: WOA (World Ocean Atlas 2005, WOA05) and GDEM (Generalized Digital Environmental Model, GDEM V 3.0). For coastal - digital atlas of bathymetry ETOPO. Data has been manually pre-processed and converted to one resolution and format.

The are several approaches to the study of IGW implemented in the package. So, numerical models allow to estimate kinematic and nonlinear characteristics of IGW, to carry out modeling of transformation and propagation. Calculation of the coefficients of variation for kinematic and non-linear parameters from two independent data sets also makes it possible to estimate the influence of various sources of hydrological data on the results of modeling. The software package is written in C++ using Qt libraries.

Trial version of the software package is available on request