The autonomous mobile robotics complex allows performing the following amount of experimental studies. Measurements of the intensity of reflection of waves through the radar, as well as measurement of the state of the atmosphere (atmospheric pressure, temperature, relative humidity, wind direction, wind speed). Perform typical maneuvers in unmanned mode: moving along a given corridor at short distances and long distances, curvilinear movement along a given corridor (turn, "snake"), movement to the control point and back, movement through control points. To make an estimation of weight parameters AMRK, force of resistance to movement, traction force on coupling, force of lateral shift, maximum angle of lifting of the machine, dynamic qualities of the machine, smooth running of the machine, fuel efficiency, angle of transverse static stability.

The measuring equipment of the complex consists of a radar station for remote sensing of the water surface, a meteorological station for collecting weather information, navigation equipment for obtaining the coordinates of the measuring point, laser obstacle detection equipment (LIDAR) along the platform and the on-board computer for data collection. The software manages the parameters of the measuring equipment, performs data collection and processing.